Unoccupied properties :

  • Maintaining consistent contact with proprietor, written reports and expense(s) spreadsheets
  • Visiting of property on a regular basis, ensuring a preventative approach to potential problems
  • Managing house maintenance and required service providers
  • Organising and overseeing project management of greater maintenance works with contractors
  • Effectuating administrative tasks (estimates, billing)
  • Collecting of mail
  • Regulating central heating depending on season
  • Organising boiler management/service, chimney sweeping
  • Scheduling and attending to deliveries, e.g. domestic fuel



Rented properties :

  • Carrying out all above-mentioned tasks and:
  • Maintaining consistent contact with proprietor, written reports and income/expense(s) spreadsheet
  • Recruiting tenants
  • Organising and attending property viewings
  • Drafting rental contract *
  • Carrying out of inventory and inspection of property (état des lieux) with tenants*
  • Remaining first point of contact for tenants for house related issues
  • Interpreting for Anglophone tenants, matters associated with the property they are renting
  • Making necessary telephone calls, organising appointments with service companies
  • Attending appointments should my presence be required
  • Organising necessary diagnostics
  • Working with mandated estate agents in search for tenants
  • Should tenants require further assistance during their tenancy, please note that any tasks undertaken that are unrelated to the management of your property, will be payable by the tenants directly

* Subject to extra fees


Fees :

A minimum monthly retainer fee of 200€, depending on the size and distance of the property, includes the aforementioned services, assigning 4 hours of personal care to your property per month.

In the event of additional hours, a fixed hourly rate @35€ shall apply.



  • Expenses, notably petrol, telephone bills and mail are inclusive within the monthly fee.
  • Household costs are payable by proprietors (although no costs are incurred without prior consent).
  • Upholding Homes does not collect rent payments.
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